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DropPay API - Bank v.1 - Overview

DropPay collects into the DropPay Bank API all the services that enables external applications to act as client on behalf of DropPay Account Owner Users that have connected their DropPay Account with them.

By Bank API your DropPay Application is able to :

  • read DropPay Account balance (Registry);
  • read DropPay Account holders' data (Registry);
  • send money from DropPay Account to another DropPay Account (Push);
  • send money from DropPay Account to another bank account of SEPA Area, performing an SCT (Push);
  • withdraw money from another DropPay Account (coming soon);

Every different service is documented in a dedicated page:


DropPay Bank Registry API lets you read the current account balance and user personal informations when he's one of the account holders.

Go to Registry page for API reference.


With DropPay Bank Push API your user can perform money transfers from his DropPay account to an other DropPay account as well as SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT) to another bank's account. User can push a single immediate transfer, a deffered one or schedule a recurring plan of transfers.

Go to Push money page for API reference.


DropPay Bank Pull API is a powerful tool that makes user able to ask another DropPay user to accept to be charged by a predefined amount once or several times (up to a count limit). We say that user is pulling money from a counterparty's account.

Go to Pull money page for API reference (coming soon).

Second factor operation granting

Please remember that, although your application is already connected to user's account, every payment initiation procedure will ask account's owner to grant the operation using his DropPay mobile app.