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DropPay API

Shop v.1 - Virtual POS Devices


DropPay comes with several enabled POS Devices by which a merchant can collects payments through:

  1. DropPay - merchant applications consuming DropPay POS API on behalf of a merchant; these devices operates directly over DropPay POS API (Payment Scheme available: DropPay);
  2. Static - a single persistent customer engagement code you can create and manage. Once it's created it can be printed as a QR code or shared as a deeplink. Whenever a DropPay user import it in his DropPay mobile application a payment flow is execute on merchant behalf (Payment Scheme: DropPay);
  3. Sepa SCT - this device lets a merchant define a regular expression that traps a Sepa Credit Transfer incoming in his Brand's payable Account, considering it as a payment and taking advantage from all the other Shop API features and tools (Payment Scheme: SEPA SCT);
  4. DropPOS Checkout - this device is actually invisible to your application as long as you won't ever consume its API directly. DropPOS is a DropPay service built on top of DropPay API that publish its own API. It is self configured by merchant through the Developer Secure Area and allows a developer not to fully implement the DropPay Security Model but rather building a sort of light integration with a set of APIs strictly limited to the DropPOS Checkout's services. Get to POS Checkout for further details.
  5. Acquirer - this device let you develop solutions where the POS Device can be real or virtual and is not provided by DropPay (i.e DropPOS) but it is configured to exchange the payment from the customer's card scheme to A-Tono Payment Institute as acquirer (Payment Schemes: EMV, PagoBancomat, AMEX).