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DropPay API#

Shop v.1#

POS Transactions Search#

Transactions Search API allows querying DropPay Shop data warehouse to retrieve informations about transactions performed on POS services and fully settled. DropPay Shop POS Services are:

  • DropPos Terminals enabled to acquire payments through common payment cards of worldwide market (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB, PagoBancomat,... ), DropPay Mobile App, Alipay Mobile App and others;
  • Third parties applications directly connected to DropPay Authorization scheme API

You can request the search engine to retrieve a list of transactions matching the query criteria. The response will always include a summary with total amount of settled transactions and total amount of debited fees. Summary is showing values valid for whole results even though results are paged by default.

You can request the search not to return all the detailed transactions but only the summary results and, on the other hand, you can also switch the paging off in order to retrieve all the results in a single response.

Searching is performed POSTing a TransactionSearch, object where :

  • search is Transaction object representing the filter to be applied
  • summary_only and paging_off are boolean switches to turn the results attribute and paging off respectively

Download OpenAPI 3 file