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DropPay API - Common Errors

DropPay POS API is built around REST paradigm so HTTP Status code are consistently informing about what happened running your request.

Failure conditions are classified by status codes and detailed with a special JSON payload

Error Info payload

  "code": "100",
  "description": "Missing arguments"
The code property value is a number of three digits where the first one is bound to a DropPay service context (1xx is the global API context).

Within each status code code and context, property's value begins from 00 and can count until 99.

Failure responses starting missing Content-Type header like this

Generic failure status

    HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
are not containing any body that got a better description of the reasons that caused the request to fail.

On the other hand, failure responses which reports a detailed

Detailed failure status

    HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    Content-Type: application/json

are expected to present a HTTP body filled with the Error Info payload as shown a above.

ErrorInfo can contain addictional properties when relevant in the called API working scope. In that case the specific differences are described in the API's dedicated page of these docs.

Here below common errors in global context 100 are classified under their corresponding HTTP Statuses. Similar nested lists are available for specific API doc pages.

HTTP Status Error Code Description
400 Bad Request Request has been sent with wrong arguments or body
100 Missing arguments
101 Wrong arguments
102 Wrong date/time format or value
103 Wrong public id
104 Invalid IBAN code
105 Invalid VAT code
106 Invalid TAX code
401 Unauthorized Request cannot be authorized
due to wrong credentials
100 Wrong login credentials
101 Request is out of allowed scope
102 Access token is bad or expired
403 Forbidden Request is forbidden due to its arguments
100 Bad signature
101 Access denied to the requested resource
404 Not Found Resource not found
405 Method not allowed Request has been performed
with an HTTP method not allowed
409 Conflict Request cannot be accepted due to
not compliant server side resource status
100 Short balance
101 Status violation: {RES}'s status doesn't allow
this action ( needed)
103 Resource status conflicts with request
104 Operation date is not acceptable
410 Gone Resource accessed is no longer available
100 Working session expired
101 Challenge PIN expired
429 Too many requests Resource has been accessed
too many times in the timed period allowed
100 Throttling disposition, Retry-After header value
500 Internal Server Error DropPay encountered an error
due to internal problems
501 Not implemented Request has been performed with an
HTTP method not implemented