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DropPay PSD2 - TPP API - Overview

DropPay acts as Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (ASPSP) and enables Account Information Service Providers (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP) as they are defined in PSD2 (Directive (EU) 2015/2366) to access DropPay User's accounts in order to read account informations as income/outcome transactions and balance and to perform payment initiations.

  • PISP - Payment - DropPay API Payment Initiation
    • Initiate a new single payment with SCA
    • Verify a new single payment agaist an user's account feasibility without initiating it
    • Initiate a recurring payment with a one-time SCA (forthcoming)
    • Initiate a deferred payment with SCA (forthcoming)
    • Initiate a payment mandate with a one-time SCA (forthcoming)
  • AISP - Account Informations DropPay API Account Info
    • Read user's account balance
    • Read user's account operations

Download OpenAPI 3 file

PSD2 OpenAPI v.1