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  • Last update: 2022-08-23
  • Site Version: 1.6.1

2022-08-21 - Shop API, Authentication API


2022-05-03 - Shop Services API


2022-02-11 - Bank Services API


2021-10-14 - Shop Services API


2020-03-23 - Payment Services API


2019-11-19 - Payment Services API, Shop POS API



2019-07-05 - PSD2 - TPP


  • On boarding page
  • PSD2 / API Reference / Payment Initiation
  • PSD2 / API Reference / Account Info

2018-09-12 - Bank Services API


  • API Reference / Bank / Pull

2018-07-06 - Bank Services API


  • API Reference / Bank / ISO20022 / Bank to Customer Report (CAMT.052)
  • API Reference / Bank / ISO20022 / Bank to Customer Statement (CAMT.053)
  • API Reference / Bank / ISO20022 / Customer Credit Transfer Initiation (PAIN.001)

2018-06-05 - Bank Services API


  • API Reference / Bank Push: sending money to DropPay and SEPA SCT accounts
  • API Reference / Bank Registry / Person: read account owner data
  • API Reference / Bank Registry / Account: read account current balances


  • API Reference / Shop / POS / Checkout: New DropPay CheckoutJS with better flow control hooks for developers

2017-07-10 - POS API, Checkout - Charge and Refund statuses

Enforcing the status management of DropPay scheme payment operations we added ACCOUNTED status to both the procedures Charge and Refund, to state that money are effectively been credit (or debit) to DropPay Account.

The DONE status still informs the procedure has been successfully executed. In DropPay, money transfers are nearly instantaneous, but systems might occasionally, and under heavy load, take some time to account money. If it happens the same amount of time could intervene between DONE and ACCOUNTED state transition.

Nevertheless a Charge can be always refunded in state DONE providing enough merchant's account balance is available.

By the way, the charge entity object has been enriched by the new refund property which represents a whole refund object in case the charge has been refunded.

Minor text fixings performed.

2017-06-30 - Docs for DropPay API v.1 released

We published our documentation of the first set of services for your applications built on top of DropPay API v.1:

  • Security: app Connection and Authentication (v.1)
  • Shop Virtual POS (v.1)

We published also the documentation for our light integration POS Checkout service (v.1).